I have been practicing for 18 years now.   In Family Law cases, there is one commonality that usually hurts my client, the kids and my client’s case.  It is when a client keeps sleeping with his or her Ex while litigating in Family Court.  I would first like to focus on how it hurts my client’s case. 

Many times, I will represent someone that is not ready to let the relationship end.  He or she hopes that the Ex will drop all of the proceedings and reconcile.  The Ex may even promise that the case will be dismissed.  Subsequently, the client discovers that the Ex has been using their pillow talk time to find out about the client’s litigation strategies.   

I have had client’s say that the Ex will not appear in Court for a hearing; only to become shocked when the Ex walks breezily down the hall (ignoring the client).  I’ve had clients that had been recorded and/or had their text messages admitted in Court.  Messages that they thought were being sent to someone that loved them.   

I find that these clients spend more money being non-responsive because he or she figures, “If I delay the case (or fail to give my attorney what she needs to move forward in the case) my Ex will reward me by dismissing the case.  Honestly, reconciliation is rare.   

Do yourself a favor and help your attorney protect you. Respond to request for information.  Be an active litigant as long as you are in litigation.  Most importantly, stop sleeping with your Ex.  If you have any questions regarding divorce or custody matters, you can reach me at Crome Law Firm, (702) 384-5563.