How to Co-Parent with a Narcissist (Vol. 1)

I have been practicing law for eighteen years.  The word that I hear most often when a client describes the other parent is “narcissist.”  I have been told more often than not that it is impossible to deal with the other parent and that co-parenting is impossible.  I have read text messages, watched video recordings, and reviewed emails and agree that parenting with someone that is not child-focused is extremely difficult.  Besides the stress and toll that it takes on you, it also harms your child. There are ways to lessen the friction existing between you and your Ex.  While they are not foolproof, they may assist you in moving forward and will hopefully bring peace between you and your Ex.  Don’t just read the suggestions, apply them.  Feel free to drop me a message letting me know in about sixty days if any of my suggestions helped you and your family.


There are parenting apps that you can utilize where you maintain a shared calendar, can privately journal, and even reimburse costs that you share concerning your child.  You can email you Ex and even see when he or she has read your email.  My favorite parenting apps are and  The best feature on each app is that your Family Court Judge can log onto your app and see the entries while your case is being heard. Usually, parties will communicate better knowing that a Judge can review their messages.  Here are my suggestions on utilizing the app.


  •  Ask your Ex to utilize an app and set a date to begin.  
  • Set a specific day of the week that you and your Ex will review and respond to any open messages.  
  • Agree to text only if you are running late for an exchange, need an immediate response to your message on the app (this should be a rare occasion) and/or if there is an emergency involving you or your child.  
  • Most importantly, type each message as if your Judge is sitting next to you.

If you have any questions about Family Law, including the use of Parenting Apps, you can reach me at Crome Law Firm (702) 384-5563, [email protected].