The hardest part of litigating in Family Law is watching the pain of a broken relationship permeate through a home.  For the past 18 years, have kept a box of tissue on my desk and in my conference room.  Most meetings, I have witnessed the grief of someone admitting that he or she never intended to cry in my office.   

For 18 years, I have had clients that profess that they are done and want this over as soon as possible.  Others hang on to the smallest glimmer of hope that the relationship can be and will be repaired.  I truly believe that all things are possible if two people are willing to work hard.  Unfortunately, by the time that someone comes to my office, usually one person is unwilling to put in the work that is required to repair the relationship. 

When a client sleeps with his or her ex during a Family Court proceeding between them, it hurts the client, the client’s case, and their children.   

Sex will not bring your partner back.  Sex will not make your partner love you.  Most importantly, sex will not make your partner respect you.  If your partner has filed legal proceedings, he or she is not fully committing to restoring the relationship with you.  I can count on one hand how many of my clients have reconciled and closed their proceedings. 

I am not against reconciling.  I love a happy ending.  However, I am against someone using you and giving you hope that is false.  If your ex is threatening litigation or refusing to dismiss the action, do yourself a favor and STOP SLEEPING WITH YOUR EX.  If you have any questions regarding divorce or custody matters, you can reach me at Crome Law Firm, (702) 384-5563.