I have been practicing Family Law for 18 years.  Over the years, I have seen parents fight over what is best for their children.  Who should have more time?  Who has cared for them more during their relationship?  Who do the children want to live with after the proceedings have ended?  When a client sleeps with his or her ex during a Family Court proceeding between them, it hurts the client, the client’s case, and their children. 

Usually there is one parent that wants out of the relationship and one parent that wants to try again.  I have heard stories of children begging a parent to return home as well as stories of children expressing relief that their parents are no longer living together and fighting.  The children become massively confused when a parent says that the relationship is over, but still comes back over to have a romantic evening.   

There are drastic behavioral changes when parents are intimate and then appear in court.  There are feelings that clients take years of counseling to process and understand.  A child witnessing the breakup of his or her parents usually does not have that opportunity to work through his or her emotions with counseling. 

Although you believe that your children are hidden from the fights and lovemaking, they are not.  Even if they do not witness these acts, they witness the changes in your behavior afterwards toward each other and towards them.  I have attached an article that may help you identify how your litigation is impacting your child. 


If your feelings for your ex are confusing to you, they are exponentially confusing to your kids.  Do your kids a favor and STOP SLEEPING WITH YOUR EX DURING LITIGATION.  If you have any questions regarding divorce or custody matters, you can reach me at Crome Law Firm, (702) 384-5563.