Prenuptial Agreements Attorney in Las Vegas, NV

Although most married couples want to have a happily ever after, you never want to be unprepared. That’s why many couples put together a prenuptial agreement before they marry. Crome Law Firm helps couples throughout Las Vegas, NV, draft carefully considered prenuptial agreements with our expert legal services.

What Is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a document that a couple sign before marriage that outlines things such as the division of property in case of a divorce.

An experienced family attorney can help a couple understand what is legal and fair, draft prenuptial agreements that a couple agrees on, and protect a prenuptial agreement in court if disputes later arise.

What Can You Outline in a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement can help a couple define the following:

  • Property: A prenuptial agreement can define which spouse gets what property in case of divorce or separation.
  • Maintenance for children from previous relationships: If your spouse had children prior to your marriage, a prenuptial agreement can provide for them.
  • Debts: If one spouse has significant debt, then a prenuptial agreement can help protect the other spouse from creditors and debt collection agencies.
  • Alimony: A prenuptial agreement can define a spouse’s right to alimony.

Prenuptial agreements cannot decide on child custody or child support rights.

Can a Court of Law Void a Prenuptial Agreement?

Under Nevada law, a court of law can void a prenuptial agreement if one spouse wasn’t a willing signer or if the court finds the agreement considerably unfair for one of the spouses.

How Can Crome Law Firm Help Me With My Prenuptial Agreement?

Crome Law Firm can draft a prenuptial agreement that is fair and legal for both spouses. We can go over specific Nevada laws, define what you can and can’t include in your prenuptial agreement, and draft a prenuptial agreement for each spouse to sign.

Call Crome Law Firm today at 702-384-5563 for help with your prenuptial agreement and any other family law issues you have.

*Disclaimer: Crome Law Firm can only represent one party in drafting or reviewing a prenuptial agreement.

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