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Child support is often a difficult issue for divorcing parents. Both parents want to see that their child is well-looked after, but the parents also want their financial status to be represented accurately in the child support. When you need a child support lawyer in Las Vegas, NV, turn to Chaka Crome at Crome Law Firm. We can make sure the child support amount you pay or receive is fair.

How Does Child Support Work in Nevada?

In Nevada, child support is determined using a formula based on the gross monthly income of a parent. A minimum amount of $100 is ordered as child support, and it may be ordered by the court even if the parents share joint custody.

Courts typically use the gross monthly income formula, but sometimes the court modifies the child support based on certain factors. For instance, the child support amount might change if:

  • One parent pays for all of the child’s health insurance or child care
  • The child has special needs with extra costs
  • The child spends more time with one parent
  • One parent has a legal responsibility to support the other

Whether you are a man or woman or have full or joint custody of your child, you want to make sure that the child support is a fair amount and that your child is supported sufficiently. At Crome Law Firm, we can represent your interests and concerns during the child support decision.

Why Choose Crome Law Firm?

Crome Law Firm is the private law practice of Chaka Crome, an attorney and advisor who has practiced personal injury, corporate, and family law since 2002. Our law office has over 15 years of experience with child support and family law matters in Las Vegas, NV, which means you can trust your case to us and know that we will help you through this difficult time.

Get started with a child support lawyer today by calling 702-384-5563 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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